October 28th, 2011

      A profound event has occurred at Occupy Seattle Wednesday October 27th. To join in solidarity with our fellow occupants of Occupy Oakland… Starborne Sound set up a full sound system under permit, with a line up of 4 bold electronic music producers, raining vibrant dance music upon Westlake Center. The resources pulled together for the dance event has been the strongest burst of creative expression so far seen in the Seattle occupy movement, creating a wide range and volume of people, there was no violence, and no trouble with the police. This form of creative expression affirmed that ‘Open heart and art’ has generated the most positive experience of unification Occupy Seattle has seen so far. This experience is an example to the Occupy Movement to aim our creative imagination at optimum level for this peaceful protest.

     There are many doing their part to activate this movement that is taking place in thousands of locations world wide. Finally a movement where 99% of the worlds population can be involved in progression of a transmutation of our planet. We live in societies where greed is what drives our survival. Everybody is waking up to the fact that there is not solidarity within the concept of money itself. Recognizing that 99% of this planet is suffering to survive because of a corrupt system. We are knowing now that we are NOT out numbered, we are the majority. We have the greatest potential because we are awakening and knowing that our true expression of heart and mind is what will create real harmony and unity upon this earth.

     We have a innate gift within us called our imagination. Our imagination gives us the power to have creative freedom within our own mind. There is a difficult struggle to activate our creativity because of countless restrictions forcing oppression upon us since birth. Our creative expression is the most powerful peaceful weapon every human being intrinsically owns. Any force being projected from the 99% will be most effective if it is the opposite of what the 1% is exerting to the world. If fear is what is driving them, love is what can drive us. Since weapons are being forced upon us because of fear, it is essential that we use any form of art to convey a conscious message to our brothers and sisters.

     This article is a summoning to all human beings to evoke your creative abilities in this now. This is a summoning to all proclaimed artists that may not yet be involved in this movement. This is an awakening to all people to know our best work will instigate the most effective and profound change. Let us all use our full arsenal of imagination and ingenuity to shine a bright and brilliant luminescent force field upon our fellow human beings… to the 1% and especially the 99%, so that we may be a pure example of harmony. Opening our heart and minds to work in unison with one another aligning ourselves with our divine purpose to create the manifestation of peace on earth together.

I offer this affirmation for you to affirm within one self…

     May I call forth abundance, prosperity, health and wellbeing as my natural birthright, and I have the will to manifest my birthrights abundantly so that I may I attract to myself the people, projects and creative ideas that fire my passion. My higher vision is active, and I view all levels of being with the eyes of truth and the heart of loyalty, kindness and compassion. I harmonize myself with the new energies of the earth, I pledge myself to work for the emergence of the light, and I call forth the magnificence of all that I truly am so that I may spread this attunement throughout all humanity to induce a natural state of being with our planet.

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