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Partial FBI Disclosure and Crop Circle Illumination

Monday, April 11th, 2011

The FBI has opened a vault of declassified files on everything from Jimi Hendrix and Carl Sagan to Alcoholics Anonymous and Extra Sensory Perception.

Of particular interest are their files on Unexplained Phenomena.

All the documents are scanned from handwritten or typewritten originals making most of them painfully difficult to read online. Digging deeper you may find some gems like Adolf Hitler being seen by multiple witnesses after WWII and special agent Guy Hottel’s message to Herbert Hoover verifying the recovery of extraterrestrial bodies from the Roswell crash.

Overall most of this disclosure information is not really relevant any more. It’s been widely circulated for years in the “underground”. At this point it smacks of being very similar to the U.K. Ministry of Defence opening their files just so all their time isn’t being taken up by freedom of information requests.

On a slightly more educational streak, here’s an awesome feature-length documentary about crop circles. Enjoy!

Academy Award (R) nominated documentary filmmaker William Gazecki (Waco: “Rules of Engagement”) offers a compelling and provocative look at the mysterious phenomenon of Crop Circles. Full of never-before-seen footage and interviews with leading Crop Circle researchers and scientists, Crop “Circles: Quest For Truth is a fascinating, in-depth exploration of prevailing theories about the origin and nature of Crop Circles and the possible implications for us and Planet Earth. An astonishing experience guaranteed to shift perspectives and alter perceptions of what is real.