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Reprogramming Consensus Reality

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Douglas Rushkoff revisits the prophecy of his early 90′s book Cyberia in terms of “reality hacking” – magic via programming.

Programming reality is now possible but requires people to actually learn programming.

Rushkoff expounds “if you’re not writing the software you are the software.”

The video below is mandatory viewing for anyone interested in reconfiguring reality or navigating consciousness.

In addition to the video, Technoccult has an excellent bumper interview.

Consensus reality can be physically reprogrammed if we understand the programming language. This is basic magic for a digital world.

Rushkoff’s new book is Program or Be Programmed: 10 Commandments for a Digital Age

The 10 Commandments of the Digital Age

1. Thou shall not be always on – Resist the temptation to always being on. Turn your phone off occasionally.

2. Thou shall not do from a distance what can be done in person – Some powerful global brands can become weak at a local level.

3. Exalt the particular – Not everything scales or needs to scale.

4. You may always choose none of the above – Don’t tick the gay/straight/married/single boxes. Human beings are more complex than the simple choices

5. Thou shall never be completely right – The internet verses complexities

6. Thou shall not be anonymous – Anonymity has lead to the conversation being well thought out by those who choose to sign in against the hatred spat out by the anonymous

7. Contact is king – Social marketing is an oxymoron.

8. Abstraction – Don’t confuse abstract models and the real world.

9. Thou shall not steal – Without a social contract, openness can continue until there is nothing left to give things away.

10. Program or be programmed – We should ask ‘What can we make it do?” rather than “What can it do for us?”.

For more on reality programming and tech-magic visit Hyperritual.