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Data Battle and ‘Operation Payback’

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

The 4chan based hacker group Anonymous has knocked down the Mastercard website as well as the operations of Swiss bank as retribution for disallowing donations to WikiLeaks.

Shortly afterwards the Visa website was knocked out of commission as well.

Yesterday, Julian Assange turned himself in to Scotland Yard for a Swedish warrant based on dubious charges of sexual misconduct with a woman who has ties to the CIA.

Meanwhile to combat the possible shutdown of the WikiLeaks website, hundreds of mirror sites have sprung up.

Additionally, Assange has widely distributed an encrypted ‘insurance policy’ that contains uncensored files on Guantanamo Bay, BP, and Bank of America documents. Assange will release the 256-digit encryption key to the doomsday files if WikiLeaks is taken off the Internet or he is personally threatened.

Just to make everything more exciting, there’s also something about UFO’s in the next WikiLeaks release.

Update: Facebook has shut down the Anonymous fan page in response to their DDOS attacks on major credit card companies. Twitter has removed WikiLeaks from it’s top trending terms despite the fact that the #WikiLeaks hash tag has been the most popular term over the last week.

If you personally believe in the voice of WikiLeaks and the right to information then consider the battle lines that have been drawn. Facebook, Twitter, Visa, Mastercard, and the US government on one side – WikiLeaks and proponents of transparency and justice on the other.

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