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Mycelial Bloom

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

In honor of the yearly bloom of mycelium into fruiting bodies, here’s a nice little round up of mushroom oriented videos.

The Lifecycle of the Mushroom

Spectacular Science: The Lifecycle of a Mushroom from Thomas Beg on Vimeo.

The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross

Jesus Was a Mushroom

Manna – A Psilocybin Documentary

Stoned Ape Theory

Jason Silva on the Stoned Ape Theory


Astrotheology and Shamanism

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Happy Solstice! Here’s the full story behind the winter solstice and the true story of Christmas.


Shadow-Biosphere Life in the Multiverse

Thursday, February 25th, 2010


Extra-terrestrial life may already exist in the shadow biosphere.

What the hell is a shadow biosphere?

It is the vast possibility of life that is composed of elements that are so far unknown to conventional biochemistry. This includes organisms that may be based only on RNA and use alternate amino acids, organisms composed of dark energy/matter, organisms that inhabit unviewable regions of the electro-magnetic spectrum and potentially organisms that are too small or too large to observe (sub-nanobacteria, mineral intelligence, or extra-planetary consciousness).

Closer to consensus reality the shadow-biosphere includes extremeophiles, life that can live in terrestrial toxic environments (photos) like Mono Lake, CA or the cosmic radiation of the vacuum of space (mushroom spores!).

This has launched a “mission to Earth” in which scientists are looking for the origins of life on Earth by finding organisms that can live beyond the reaches of our world.

Not only could alternative forms of life be living on our planet unobserved – life may also exist in the multiverse – or at least some multiverses.

As far as oversimplified-combined-fringe-theory goes, I’d say the shadow-biosphere delightfully brings together extraterrestrial life, panspermia, ghosts, mineral and planetary intelligence, and space traveling mushroom consciousness transferal all into one neat little package.

Class dismissed!

Too much? Don’t think. Work on your prescience.



Mycelium Awake

Thursday, October 1st, 2009


In honor of the beginning of mushroom season here’s Paul Stamets speaking on how mushrooms can save the world.