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The Quickening

Monday, August 15th, 2011

The Quickening has begun…

All around the planet hundreds of millions of people are waiting for events to unfold in the year 2012, that they… believe will bring either the birth of a harmonious new reality… or “the end of the world”.

But what if those events were actually to take place THIS YEAR, in 2011?

In Awakening As One’s new film “The Quickening” we will explain why so many people have been experiencing the sensation that “Time is Speeding Up”; particularly since the Earthquake in Japan.

And we will also show how research indicates that this accelerated experience of reality could peak sometime around October 28th, 2011; culminating in a global experience of Unity Consciousness, which would then lead to the experience of a harmonious new way of being.

“The Quickening” will also take a look at the unfolding of current events and how they directly relate to Hopi and Mayan Prophecies, indicating that we are on the Cusp of Great Changes, which signify the shifting of the Age… and the Birth of a New World.

We wish to acknowledge that without the work of these incredible filmmakers, and music producers it would not have been possible for Awakening As One to share its message of Peace and Unity with such beauty, heart and soul.


Man Nearly Dies 300 Times to Hang out with Aliens who Teach DMT Production Technology

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Thats right it’s “The Biggest Thing”, “It’s Huge”, “Its Blasting, Its opening up People’s BODY!, its Opening up Energy!” and remember “the pineal gland is where its at!” We are all about Ascension here! Just remember ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

This guy is such a good salesman, I actually want to buy his box of 300 SACRED-G TECHNOLOGY UNITS (color posters). Actually I think I will download and print out the free ones because I don’t pretend to know about things I haven’t had personal experience with. However this whole situation reeks of snake oil, not that there is anything wrong with snake oil, I’m actually a big fan, but the snake oil must do as promised, or else it is not true snake oil!

Totaly Bang'n Sacred G TranceNdancE!!!

Totaly Bang'n Sacred G TranceNdancE!!!

This product clearly claims to be packed full of benefits…

  • Benefit #1: Pineal Gland
  • Benefit #2: DMT
  • Benefit #3: Hormones
  • Circadian Rhythms, Sleep, and Temperature!!!
  • They also clearly state seven stages of effects when using this product…

  • Stage 1 – DNA & Pineal Gland Activation
  • Stage 2 – Chemically Detoxing your Cells
  • Stage 3 – Emotional Processing
  • Stage 4 – Mental Processing
  • Stage 5 – Expression Your Truth
  • Stage 6 – Activating the Physical Body
  • Stage 7 – The Magic of Sacred G Fusion
  • But there is only one real way to find out if it works, and as it turns out, it is actually free.

    I'm Totaly not Satan but Sacred-G Technology is Totaly Radical!

    I'm totaly not Satan, but Sacred G is totaly Radical!!

    I know, I know, you are probably asking yourself… How do I know if Sacred G will work for Me?!!

    Well it clearly states on their site that “You can sign up for your Free Sacred G Digital Downloads to test it out Tonight. If you notice a difference in your sleep, you know that Sacred G will work for you.” All they want in return is your email, phone number, and home address!! It’s ok, you can fill it out with false information if, like me you do not like junk mail.

    Good Luck Psychonaughts, and please let us know of your findings!

    This video will activate your DNA in less than a minute and a half!! Remember to take drugs first!!

    The G-Breath(*snap*) will clear out your brain wave states so we can set up your mind to receive because we want to drop in some programing!! Coming soon to the iPhone YEAAAAHUH!! CHECK IAAAT!

    … just watch the videos.
    Oh and be sure to *snap* each time you say G-Breath (*snap*).